Conference on Science and Mathematics Education (CoSMEd 2019)


For a more systematic and orderly paper presentation, Secretariat would like to request that you submit your presentation slides (PPT template in the website) in advance for your delivery in 20 minutes including Q&A by :

  1. Sending via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on or before 10 November 2019
  2. Bringing your PPT file saved in the thumbdrive and submit during Registration.

    This will allow us to pre-load in the computers and check your file. We have also provided computers to transfer your file if you come during the registration day. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate files other than PowerPoint, nor will have the use of a DVD player for videos.  However, if your presentation requires audio/visual content please contact immediately This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


We would like to request that the last presenter in the session (please refer to the schedule), we would like to request you to be the Chairperson of the session. As the Chairperson, your roles are:

  • to call upon the presenter and mention the tittle (no need for introductory remarks)
  • to signal the presenter when the session is at 10 min time so that the presenter knows he/she has 5 more min left- (you will be provided with the stopwatch and paper reminder stated 5 more min left)-need to mention this at the beginning of the session to the presenters that you'll signal them the time
  • to chair during Q&A (Question & Answer- 5 min for each presenter)

Each presenter will present about 15 min and another 5 min for Q&A.


The certificate will be given to the chairperson in addition to the presenter certificate.


Thank you for your kind attention.