Conference on Science and Mathematics Education (CoSMEd 2019)

Appointment of Chairpersons

The Chairpersons (Last Presenter of conference sessions) will be appointed by the Conference Secretariat in consultation with the others working on the conference programme.

The Chairperson’s role at the Conference Sessions

The Chairperson (Last Presenter of conference sessions) will conduct the session at the conference, and is asked to take an active part in the session.

As the Chairperson, your roles are:

  • to call upon the presenter and mention the tittle (no need for introductory remarks)
  • to signal the presenter when the session is at 10 min time so that the presenter knows he/she has 5 more min left- (you will be provided with the stopwatch and paper reminder stated 5 more min left)-need to mention this at the beginning of the session to the presenters that you'll signal them the time
  • to chair during Q&A (Question & Answer- 5 min for each presenter)

Language of papers

The Chairperson shall ascertain the language of the presentation. In general the language of CoSMEd 2019 conferences is English.