Conference on Science and Mathematics Education (CoSMEd 2019)

Conference Strands


Strand 1: Teaching and Learning Innovation

·         Innovative Pedagogical Approaches in Science and Mathematics Education
·         STEM as Contemporary Pedagogical Approach in Science and Mathematics Teaching
·         Promoting Education / Industrial Revolution 4.0
·         Values in Science and Mathematics Education
·         Language Issues in Science and Mathematics Education

Strand 2: Continuous Professional Development

·         Professional Learning Community
·         Lesson Study
·         School Learning Action Cell

Strand 3: Alternative Assessment

·         Large Scale Student Assessment
·         School-based Assessment
·         On-line Assessment

Strand 4: Technology as a Pedagogical Enabler

·         Technology Enhanced Learning
·         Tools to Promote Education/ Industrial Revolution 4.0
·         Digital Literacy

Strand 5: STEM Education and Career Development

·         STEM Education Across Context
·         Entrepreneurial Skills Development
·         Life Skills Development
·         Technical and Vocational Education and Training
·         Gender and STEM Careers